Train AI to become the fastest assistant you’ve ever had.

Leverage the power of AI to save hours each week.

A 3 hour workshop teaching you exactly how to make ChatGPT the assistant you so desperately need in your life!

Is this you?

  • You don’t want to fall behind with technology, and are struggling to keep up. You’re curious about AI, but don’t know how to use it in your business.

  • You’re totally a successful business owner that thrives in organized chaos, but you have a hunch there are other ways of doing things better and faster.

  • You see the potential of using technology to your advantage. If you’re a VA or OBM, you want to speed up tasks so you can serve your clients better. If you’re a business owner, you want to help your team make space to focus on more impactful things—AI can handle the easy stuff.

  • You’ve tried using ChatGPT before and maybe figured a few things out, but you know there’s something missing to get it to really work for you.

PSA for Service Providers

ChatGPT could be the missing link your team needs. And I can teach you how to use this constantly evolving technology to your advantage… In just 3 hours.

"Mastering ChatGPT: Empowering Service Providers with AI" is a transformative webinar series offered in three parts. The sessions take place on June 14, June 21, and June 28, 2023, at 12 PM EDT. In the first session, we explore AI introduction, ChatGPT usage, and the concept of prompt engineering. The second session focuses on troubleshooting glitches, nurturing conversations, and training ChatGPT effectively. In the final session, we guide participants on making ChatGPT their personal assistant and highlight useful plugins for seamless integration.

Mastering ChatGPT: Empowering Service Providers with AI
Mastering ChatGPT: Empowering Service Providers with AI

Technology is the future.

Introducing Mastering ChatGPT:

Empowering Service Providers with AI

We can debate all day whether AI is a solution or a problem, but that’s not helping anyone—it's already here. Instead of falling behind, you could learn how to easily integrate this exciting technology into your processes.

If you’re a VA or OBM…

You could use ChatGPT to cut your busywork by 25-50% each week. Yes, I used ChatGPT to help me estimate this number. But I’ve personally experienced this.

Plus, by becoming an AI-equipped resource for your clients, you’ll ensure that you don’t get replaced by technology. If you can control and use it to your advantage, you’ll exponentially increase your value. Instead of doing busywork, you can focus on more impactful things for your clients.

If you’re a business owner…

You could have your assistant focusing on more billable work by cutting down busy work by almost half. It is in your best interest to have an assistant who can adapt to new technology in order to remain efficient.

Your clients will value your efficiency while you're saving time. This is how you can make sure your personal touch is added to every client relationship by delegating the busy work to new technology.

What can you use ChatGPT for?

To give you an example, while yes ChatGPT helped me identify that time saved, I didn’t use it to write my copy. It’s not all powerful and knowing, and I know the best ways to use it for myself and my clients

Do you want to learn how too? You could gain the skills you need to get started in just 3 hours.

Here’s what it said:

  • Answering your business-related questions (business topics, such as marketing, finance, sales, etc.).

  • Running your CRM.

  • Improving your website’s SEO via your platform of choice.

  • Running your project management platforms.

  • Providing recommendations (software, tools, or services).

  • Assisting with research ( market research, analyzing data, and presenting results).

  • Generating content drafts ( website, blog, social media, or marketing campaigns, such as headlines, descriptions, articles, or ads).

  • Offering administrative support (administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, managing emails, or organizing files in your drives).

  • Providing language translation.

  • And many more!

I’m an OBM and instead of seeing ChatGPT as a threat to my business, I saw the potential.

Curious, I asked ChatGPT to tell me how it could help me better serve my clients.

I can confirm that it has helped me with much of the above. I was blown away when I first started using ChatGPT. But I knew it wouldn’t be all smooth sailing, it’s tech after all. And tech causes major headaches for some. But I figured it out, and have a seamless process that integrates AI into my workflows now.

  • It saved me 2 hours of fixing SEO

  • 1 hour putting together outlines

  • 2 hours researching information for my radio show

  • 2 hours of hashtag research with popularity numbers attached

  • 1 hour of drafting forms with CSS code

… that’s 8 whole hours - ALL IN 1 WEEK!

I nurtured the conversations, asked for references, links, explanations, and asked it to role-play, in order to make sure the output was accurate.


But if you don’t ask ChatGPT the right questions, it will always give you bad answers.

ChatGPT is an AI language model. It's in the name: language. It needs to be a conversation. I see hundreds of creators churning out prompt guides. Unfortunately they're not telling you how to troubleshoot or nurture them.

I'm here to tell you that while it's scary good with processing information, it's more like the newbie assistant that needs guidance every so often. I can show you exactly what I mean and how to fix it, when it doesn't want to work for you.

It also learns from material you give it - that's why it has to be a conversation. I gave it a webinar replay of 1.5hrs to learn from. ChatGPT reviewed it in less than 2 seconds and had typed out a condensed summary of the talking points in less than 15 seconds. I asked it to review it to learn how to collaborate with my SEO platform. Then I gave it access to my platform to get to work.

And because I’m the one in control of the tech, I know that my job is safe. Chat GPT doesn’t replace a VA or OBM, but is a tool that we can use to get even better at what we do.

There's a reason why you're getting frustrated with just plugging in prompts. They don't work on their own.


A 3 hour investment into your future... right here.

The workshop in 3 parts:

➡️June 14, 2023 @ 12PM EDT

Introduction to AI + How to use ChatGPT + Prompts

[This is where we dive into the tools that we have available and familiarize ourselves with the possibilities. We will start thinking about how to customize these tools to fit our business needs. We will talk about the term "prompt engineering" and the potential it holds to revolutionize business operations and the internet in general. We will learn how to talk to ChatGPT to get the results we want.]

➡️June 21, 2023 @ 12PM EDT

How to troubleshoot glitches + Nurture the conversation + Train ChatGPT

[This is when we will get into the nitty gritty. We will learn how to troubleshoot a confused, forgetful, erroneous, or rushed ChatGPT. We will also present key rules on how to nurture the conversation, and to recognize limitations. We will observe on how we can train it, just like any other newbie on the job!]

➡️June 28, 2023 @ 12PM EDT

How to make ChatGPT your assistant + Plugins

[Now that we have a good understanding of how it works and have had the opportunity to try it, we will customize your experience. We will create a map containing the job description of ChatGPT as your assistant. We will also identify helpful Plugins that will ensure a smooth user experience.]

The workshop includes presentations, worksheets, guides and Q&A time. The replays will be made available to you also.


Why you shouldn't wait to enroll...

  • Because the longer you wait, the more AI advances without you. Do you like your odds?

  • This is also a special workshop being offered at a founder's rate for a limited time in June.

  • You would be delaying the opportunity to delegate tasks to your AI assistant, that has killer credentials and basically works for free. It's a no-brainer.

  • Maybe you already use Chat-GPT with no rules. Are you willing to risk the quality of your work? Your clients will notice.

  • If you can't make the dates, the replays, worksheets and presentations will be made available to you.