Frequently Asked Questions: Virtual Assistant Edition

What do you do?

I am a self-employed professional that can provide administrative/clerical, technical and creative support to individuals or businesses. I generally work remotely, and occasionally on location. I am based out of Rockwood and I provide services across Ontario virtually. On location services may be available to your area and I would be happy to discuss.  I provide the same type of support as an administrative, personal or executive assistant, consultant, project or social media manager. In addition, I am a Commissioner of Oaths and offer commissioning services. I operate as a contractor rather than an employee.

What is the cost for your services?

Flexible billing allows me to create a fair and effective billing schedule for the size and scope of your project. You may need short or long-term services, I am flexible. Some services are charged as flat rates and some are billed hourly. I can accommodate hours weekly or monthly. Give me a call at 289-230-6760 or send me a quick email so we can discuss your specific needs. 

What hours do you work?

I typically work Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. However, depending on your needs, my schedule will be flexible.

What is the benefit of hiring you?

1.      I am a qualified professional with over 12 years of experience and a strong academic background.

2.      As an employer you would not have any obligations to me regarding employee or benefit premiums, training costs and time, vacation and sick days, insurance, payroll, office equipment costs and upgrades. I am self-employed.

3.      I work behind the scenes to accomplish your goals and tasks without the need of constant supervision, while you and your business focus on what you do best. You would receive periodic updates, or per the frequency specified.

4.      Your business would get the benefit of always reaching me directly, unlike big agencies with a much larger roster of clients. I strive to form a true working relationship with my clients.

5.      You would be provided with an invoice outlining the details of the work performed either bi-weekly or monthly, per your needs.

What are your credentials and qualifications?

Please visit my About Me page for details. Click here.

Please note that I practice confidentiality at all times regarding current and former clients.

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